Friday, September 17, 2010

Monster Scooter Parts: A Scooter Part Story

We are Monster Scooter Parts. That's a fairly descriptive company name. Much more so than McDonald's, Walmart,, or ExxonMobil. A descriptive long company name is great for telling the world what you do just be reading the name, but we get called by many different names that are similar, but different, than Monster Scooter Parts all the time. Three words are easily confused. Not Monster, but the scooter parts part of it. Monster Scooters, Monster Scooter, Monster Motor Scooter, Monster, etc. And often we're called these names by close relatives! Ouch.

But getting back to our name, it is only descriptive if you know what those three words mean. Monster, yes, we know that one. Parts, yes, we know that one. But what exactly is a "scooter" anyway? And what is a scooter part?

That simple word, scooter, has guided Monster Scooter Parts to where we are today. A scooter part can represent different things to different people. Let's look through the world of scooters for a minute.

Looks like a scooter to me, an electric Razor E300. This is an easy one, you see this in any neighborhood on a nice sunny day. Monster Scooter Parts has a scooter part for that one.

Also a scooter. Not electrically driven though, powered by kicks; a kick scooter. Monster Scooter Parts has a scooter part for that also.

Yes, some also call this a scooter. Looks a bit different than the Razor E300 though. An electric mobility scooter. We have a scooter part for that one.

Many also call this a mobility scooter. Others would call it a powerchair, or power wheelchair. But take a look through Craigslist ads, and you'll quickly see that most of the classifieds for "mobility scooters" are actually powerchairs just like this Jazzy Select. Monster Scooter Parts has a powerchair part, or scooter part, for this powerchair.

Now this one, this surely isn't the same beast as that Jazzy Select is it? Also a scooter. We at Monster Scooter Parts have had great debates about the terminology of this vehicle, here the example is the great Honda Helix. Street Scooter, Motor Scooter? But we have a scooter part for this Honda Helix.

As an aside from this discussion, the Honda Helix is the latest darling of Monster Scooter Parts. In production off and on for 20 years, it's funky, it's a bit odd... it's awesome! Another blog post on that, but we're adding a huge list of OEM and aftermarket Honda Helix parts, just click the link below to take you there:


Besides being a beautiful classic Honda Cub 50 and the highest production motorcycle in history, a scooter this is to our company historian. Me, I'd call it a motorbike, but back in the day I'm told it was known as a scooter. Not a CVT transmission like today's modern scooters, but a scooter to some. Monster Scooter Parts has a scooter part for this one also.

So what a slightly odd mix of products that we provide service to. But if you didn't know what the world called them, scooters, you may wonder how a company like Monster Scooter Parts ends up selling scooter parts for both a kick scooter, a Jazzy powerchair, and a Honda Helix. What? We put ourselves out there, and customers come to us with their definition of a scooter part, and a need, and we step in to fill that need. We've been doing that for the last 5 years, and will continue to do so in the future. Just don't call us Monster Scooter dot com. We are Monster Scooter Parts.


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