Thursday, September 7, 2017

Winter Scooter Parts

The warm weather is fading away and now the cooler temperatures are right around the corner. It will soon come the time when many scooters, go-karts, dirt bikes, mini bikes, and other powersports equipment get returned to the garage to spend another winter season sleeping peacefully under their tarp. Well, that might be the case in other places, but here in central Colorado the return of winter doesn't slow people down. Perhaps it is because this area was settled by a curious mix of crusty gold prospectors (complete with donkey, pan, and pickaxe), and Bohemian non-conformists, but people here look at winter as just another excuse to have fun. It has been observed that a typical Coloradan's winter attire includes flip-flops, puffy down vests, baggy shorts, and a stocking cap.

Whether you put your scootin' machine to bed for the season or keep it running all year around, the colder weather means it's time to winterize. Just like on a car, you need to check the fluids and belts, inspect your batteries, and give it some protection from the elements whenever it's not in use. The same goes for mobility scooters and power chairs just as it is applicable to powersports machines.

Scooter Covers
If you park your machine in the garage for the season you can cover it with any old blue polypropylene tarp held down by mismatched bungee cords from the dollar store, or you can do it correctly with a dedicated scooter cover of the right size. We offer a number of excellent quality covers for mobility scooters and power chairs, convenient bike covers, and super-handy covers for street-legal motor scooters that you can store in a top case or saddlebag.

Weatherproof Cover for Maxi Scooters

If you have a big maxi scooter, here is how you keep it looking its very best. Our weatherproof cover for maxi scooters is made by Prima, so you know it's the top-quality cover for your machine. Far and away better than any ragged blue polypropylene tarp, this Prima cover was designed especially for today's larger (and pricier) 250cc and larger maxi scooters.

Heavy Duty Weatherproof Cover for Mobility Scooters
If weather or long term storage is an issue, protect your scooter from the dust, rain, and snow with one of our heavy duty weatherproof covers for mobility scooters. Think of these heavy duty scooter covers as a scooter's winter raincoat.

Kick Scooter Wheels
One scooter type that isn't much affected by the season is the humble kick scooter. Unless the sidewalks are covered in six inches of ice and snow, kick scooter fanatics are still out there freewheeling, barspinning, and tailwhipping along. The kick scooter has long had an honored place at Monster Scooter Parts. Beginning with the Razor Scooter of a few years ago and evolving into today's wide range of pro-style models, kick scooters have become larger and far more tailorable to the enthusiast who loves to customize their prized possession. With so many aftermarket kick scooter parts available, kick scooters can be thought of as LEGO sets for older kids (and adults). You can customize your scoot with your choice of headsets, scooter clamps, handlebar grips, and a whole lot more.

Of all our replacement kick scooter parts, kick scooter wheels have to head the list of the most popular parts category. We currently offer an absolute myriad of different sizes, styles, and colors to suit the rider. Whether you prefer a plain but sturdy wheel, or one that reeks of opulence, we probably have just the wheel you want. Kick scooter wheels are simple to install and remove, usually requiring nothing more than a pair of 5 mm Allen wrenches.

100 mm / 98 mm Replacement Light-Up Flashing Kick Scooter Wheel with Bearings
Put a set of these 100 mm / 98 mm replacement light up wheels on your kick scooter and watch the fireworks spin! Also known as flash or flashing polyurethane wheels, these are a great accessory to make your kick scooter truly stand out and be seen.

150 mm Scooter Caster Wheel with 608 Bearings
The 150 mm scooter caster wheel might very well be the right wheel for you to rebuild that peculiar kick scooter, or build your own custom design. Pre-installed with 608 size bearings and a spacer so they can be ready to roll out of the box.

110 mm 841 Enzo Pro Scooter Wheel
841 wheels and pro scooter rider Enzo Commeau have designed the 110 mm Enzo pro scooter wheel. These are the perfect wheels for riders looking to rise above the level of mere amateur and start scooting like the pros.

Many of our kick scooter wheels are sold by the single wheel. Some of you have asked us if they could just purchase one wheel at a time, and we listened to you. Now you can even get one green wheel and one red wheel so you too can be a Bohemian non-conformist just like all of your friends.

For additional information on kick scooter wheels, scooter covers, or any other scooter parts that you may need, just talk to the Scooter Parts Professionals (SPPs) at Monster Scooter Parts.

At Monster Scooter Parts we like to say that we have the parts and the smarts to keep you rolling.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Get in Your Go-Kart & Go

Warmer weather is on its way and now is the time to take the tarp off of the go-kart buried in your garage. Like dirt bikes and ATVs, go-karts seem to wax & wane in popularity from year to year, but there has been something of a go-kart revival lately. Maybe it's because of all the indoor go-kart tracks that have become all the rage, but many motorsports enthusiasts are rediscovering the unbridled fun of roaring around the dirt or hardtop in their own motorized karts. We have been noticing an upsurge in people ordering go-kart parts; everything from carburetors to torque converters, as well as clutches, cables, belts, bearings, and just about everything else.

The Engine
Back in the Polyester Age, (1960s and '70s), go-karts were often garage built affairs that used every type of small gas engine available. Loud, pollution-belching, 2-strokers were common and just about anything in the 4 to 12 horsepower range was acceptable. Today's go-karter has it much easier when it comes to selecting the right powerhouse for their kart. These days most go-kart engines fall into one of two broad categories, the humble "honda-clone" utility engine, or a 125cc, 150cc or 250cc member of the ubiquitous GY6 family.

One of our very best-selling go-kart products is our 196cc 6.5 Hp Honda Clone (GX200 168F) Go-Kart & Mini Bike Engine. This engine is compatible with go-karts & mini bikes from Baja, Carter, Murray, and a lot more brands and models. We offer these modern 4-stroke engines either with or without the electric start option, and they are truly head and shoulders in quality above the junk engines of the past. Please visit our Engines for Go-Karts page to see what else we have for you when you want a new gas-burner.

We also stock replacement parts for the now-discontinued Tecumseh brand as well entire Predator engines and all of their ancillary components.

The Torque Converter
Very similar in operation to the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), a modern torque converter takes the place of a traditional clutch in an automatic transmission. The torque converter disconnects the transmission from the engine while the go-kart is stopped, which allows the engine to continue running. Torque converters are commonly found paired up with the Honda clone class engines.

Our 3/4" Bore Driven Pulley 1" Bore Driver Clutch Pulley Series 40 Torque Converter Kit for Go Karts is another of our items that flys off of the shelves as soon as we stock them. This 2-pulley kit is what is known as a Series 40 torque converter and it is one of the best around. When you take a peek at our main Torque Converter page you can see all of the pulleys, belts, sprockets, and gearboxes that we offer for this very important go-kart drive system.

The Carburetor
We sell go-kart carburetors, a LOT of go-kart carburetors to get you back out in the dirt. We have go-kart carb models specifically for the 97cc to 196cc Honda-clone style gasoline engines well as GY6 compatible designs for all those 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc engines. These GY6 carburetors are essentially the same as that found on most contemporary street scooters. In addition, we also offer a number of carburetors for Tecumseh brand small engines. Many of these Tecumseh engines were used on custom built dune buggies and go-karts in years past and plenty are still going strong.

Here's a carb that has become a perennial favorite, our Carburetor with 24 mm Air Intake for 163cc 5.5 Hp & 196cc 6.5 Hp Go-Kart Engines. This carburetor is adaptable to a wide variety of 'karts, buggies, mini bikes, and utility engines.

These fun little machines have been around (at least) since the late 1950s and the idea may possibly have been around even earlier than that. Whether you spell it a go-kart, powerkart, go cart or fun kart, the magic word immediately brings up memories of warm summertime evenings on those dirt tracks surrounded by piles of old rubber tires. It seems that each new generation discovers the joy of these wonderful machines; the absolute most fun way ever invented for turning petroleum-based fossil fuel into glorious unabashed noise!

For more information on go-kart parts, or any other motorsports parts, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

At Monster Scooter Parts we like to say that we have the parts and the smarts to keep you rolling.

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