Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Knee Deep in Currie

Monster Scooter Parts has been filling the warehouse shelves with a huge number of OEM replacement e-bike and electric scooter parts for all of those Currie Technologies brands like eZip and IZIP. We have also been updating our lists of spare GT, Mongoose, and Schwinn scooter parts. Even though these last three brands have been out of production now for a few years, there are enough of them out there still running to warrant us maintaining an astonishing range of OEM spare parts. Perhaps that is a testament to the quality of their build; all those discontinued models still out there years after their production runs have ended.

We have recently acquired a massive new warehouse and are quickly filling it up with batteries, chargers, tubes, and tires, and just about every other component of any eZip and IZIP electric scooter or bicycle. If it is a part for any Currie Technologies electric vehicle, Monster Scooter Parts is going to have it. That is a lot of Currie; that is a lot of parts.

Among the myriad of new eZip and IZIP parts in our inventory is this little curiosity; a set of two wheel bearing caps for those big direct drive electric scooters like the superlative eZip E-1000, IZIP I-1000, and Schwinn S1000.

And how about this jewel, the Deck with Kicktail for the eZip 4.5 electric scooter. In a warehouse of inner tubes and battery chargers, this colorful beauty really stands out. The eZip designers really did a fine job with the graphics on this one.

When I was a kid, I would delight in visiting my cousins in South Carolina and riding around on their horses. For some time afterward I associated "currie" with what you did to a horse's fur after the day's riding was over. A few years later on a visit to Germany I learned that currie was a pungent and golden-yellow spice that the locals liberally dumped onto their knockwursts after giving them a thick coat of catsup. (Try it some time, it's delicious.) With the growing popularity of South Asian restaurants and cuisine, "currie" took on an even different connotation; that of a succulent melange of meats and veggies stewed together into a hot and spicy concoction best served over a bed of rice.

Today "currie" means Currie Technologies, the parent company that produces some of the best-known electric scooters and e-bikes ever made.

So even though Monster Scooter Parts can't help you brush your horse, spice up your otherwise ho-hum hotdog, or prepare a toothsome gastronomic stew of epicurean proportions, we can help you keep your Currie Technologies made electric scooter or e-bike on the road with almost every eZip, IZIP, GT, Mongoose, or Schwinn scooter part that there ever was.

And now I'm hungry.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey, Why Didn't I Think of That!

Monster Scooter Parts sells A LOT of scooter parts, hence our company name. As a recognized global leader in the replacement parts industry, our inventory of scooter goodies (from the common to the rare & esoteric) continues to expand like mushrooms in a well-manured field, so does our need for additional warehouse space to hold it all. We are constantly finding new items to offer our customers; everything from a 384-3M/12 Drive Belt for the Pulse Charger to the ever-so-popular GS Moon Scooter Pull Start for all of those 2-stroke scooter and pocket bike engines out there. If it is a scooter part, then Monster Scooter Parts will either stock it or we will do our best to find it for you.

But every once in a while we find some little known item that is so useful and practical, so unique or novel, or perhaps just such a magnificent a piece of modern engineering that we all pass it around in unabashed admiration, all the while exclaiming a collective; "hey, why didn't I think of that!" The latest example of this stop-you-in-your-tracks greatness in gadgetry to join our inventory is the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter, a simple but infinitely functional connector that allows the user to operate or recharge their USB device by way of their scooter's 12 or 24 volt electrical system.

What makes the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter so special is that it was designed especially for use with the scooter's battery charger system. The male XLR connector on one end plugs directly into the scooter's charging port, while the female USB port (the other end) accepts the standard USB male connectors found on your mobile device's cable. USB-ported electronics have been on the market for some time now, as well as XLR connector hardware; however this is a brand-new, innovative product that did not exist for the scooter user until now.

No one can deny that we all live in an electronically connected world. How many of us today have become virtually dependant on our mobile phones, our GPS units, iPods and other MP3 players, as well as a myriad of other USB-ported digital electronics? However only a very few currently marketed electric recreational scooters such as the Razor iMod offer a wired-in connection. To this writer's knowledge, no currently produced mobility scooter or power chair offers a 12 - 24 volt XLR to USB charging and playing system as original factory equipment.

Simple in design and extraordinarily easy to use, the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter can both provide the electric power to operate or recharge those ubiquitous devices that have become a necessity in today's hooked-up, wired-in society. One caveat though; because the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter uses the scooter's female XLR battery charger port, it can only be used when a scooter or power chair is in its stationary "recharge" mode.

All in all, the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter is a product whose time has certainly come. Short of splicing and jury-rigging a home-built male XLR to female USB port system for your recreational scooter or power mobility chair, this clever adapter is just the ticket to staying connected. It may be premature to declare the Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter as the Tech Marvel of the Decade, but it just may get the Monster Scooter Parts award for Most Useful Little Item of the Year.

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