Monday, August 8, 2016

Many Minnies - Modern Mini Bikes

While recently waiting for my taco salad in a Tex-Mex eatery, the dinner conversation turned to the esoteric subject matter of tacos, and how the list of standard ingredients has been enlarged from simple ground beef and salsa to an almost bewildering set of choices including fish, pineapple, avocado, and even strips of fried chicken. Soon the conversation morphed into the etymology of the term taco itself, and how it once referred to a little two-wheeled gasoline powered miniature motorcycle. Fifty years ago (has it really been that long?) "Taco" was a popular brand of mini bikes, perhaps capitalizing on the sucess of the Spanish dirt bike brand Bultaco. So ubiquitous was the Taco brand that the name itself became a somewhat genericized term for the entire mini bike category. It wasn't until the 1970s that a California fast food franchise introduced the taco to most non-Californians as being something other than a mini bike.

Early mini bikes were often garage-built affairs; home projects completely built from scratch or from do-it-yourself kits. Many a Tecumseh lawn mower engine found its second life putting the power into these homemade mini bikes and go-karts. As time moved on the popularity of mini bikes waxed & waned until early Honda models began showing up. Recent Asian imports have expanded the range of available mini bike brands to include Baja Motorsports, Coleman, Motovox, Monster Moto (no relation), Moto Tec, and many others. Most often these imported bikes were sold via the big-box department stores where after-the-sale service and support may be a bit lacking. Monster Scooter Parts was quick to jump on the proverbial wagon and we are able to supply the replacement mini bike parts for most of the popular brands and models.

Mini Bike Engines
Where the 38cc gas utility engine once ruled the mini bike world, today's rider has their choice of a range of engine displacements to select from. The minimum standard now begins with the 47cc - 52cc gas burners all the way up to the big (maxi-mini?) 301cc behemoths. The happy medium of the 97cc Honda-clones or the 196cc - 200cc models are the current winners in the engine popularity contest, and Monster Scooter Parts sells a lot of them. Whether you need a replacement mini bike engine that is compatible with the old dead one on your bike, or you are shopping around for that missing powerplant for your custom garage-build, we offer the best models around.

Mini Bike Carburetors
No mini bike is going to get very far without a properly functioning carburetor, and we have the Honda style, the Tecumseh styles, and the gaskets to keep your mini moving along. Back in the early days of mini bikes, those Tecumseh lawn mower and utility engines were the must-have starting items for the serious home mini bike mechanic. Unfortunately Tecumseh folded a few years ago, but we can still supply the carbs, pull starts, and a lot more for their wide range of engine types.

Mini Bike Tires
Question: What's a mini bike that doesn't sport a serious pair of knobby or V-tread mud slingers? Answer: A mini bike that takes up garage space and doesn't get the loving attention that it deserves. Monster Scooter Parts is proud to offer some of the very best in mini bike tires from Carlisle, Kenda, and other brands. We have knobbies and V-treads suitable for the dirt, the turf, and even the concrete suburban cul-de-sac.

Mini Bike Accessories
So you're not one to follow the herd and you want your mini bike to be as different from your buddies' bikes as you can get it. There is a selection of add-on mini bike accessories that you can use to dress it up in style or make it more functional to suit your unique needs. Baskets and cargo panniers, air pumps and smartphone holders, even decorative valve stem caps; these are the essential elements in any well dressed mini bike. And don't forget your helmet.

For more information on mini bike parts visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ATV & Dirt Bike Accessories - It's Winter, So Get Out There & Enjoy It!

Today is the first day of winter, at least that is what the astronomers tell us. This is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. The geese are now on vacation down south in warmer climes, leaving the moles, the voles, and the rattlesnakes to hunker down in hibernation. But unlike the aforesaid rodents and reptiles, the Scooter Parts Professionals (SPFs) at Monster Scooter Parts absolutely love winter. Here in central Colorado, cold weather means outdoor recreation in a big sort of way, and a little fresh snow brings out the mountain bikers and ATV riders ready to revel in the glory of sub-freezing frolic.

The ATV really comes into its own when the roads and trails become sloppy. We have sold a lot of ATV parts over the years and have noticed that despite the many brand and model names on today's powersports market, there are really just a half-dozen or so unique designs that are slightly modified and replicated over and over. It is highly likely that Part 22 of Brand X may be identical to Part 22 on Brand Z's machine.

ATV Fender Sets
Our replacement ATV fender sets will have your mud-machine looking like new again. When you remove the factory applied brand & model stickers, most ATVs use one of the same four or five fender sets. These polypropylene body panels are manufactured by the thousands and are used across the board by most of the name brand companies. This is not a bad thing as it helps keep the price down as well as giving the consumer a number of choices. Just a few years ago if you needed an ATV fender you could get it in any color you wanted, as long as you wanted Red, White, or Blue. Today's ATVs can be found sporting Pink Camo, Autumn Yellow Camo, Spider Red, and a lot more colors and patterns.

When selecting an ATV panel set, let your front grill and headlights be your guide. Simply choose the fender set type that matches the grill and light configuration on your own machine. You might need to re-drill a screw hole or two in order to get a precise fit, but as stated earlier, most brands use the same four or five fender designs. So when that ATV looks a little worse for wear, don't buy a new ATV, just replace the old panels with a new set.

ATV Accessory Racks
One of our ATV accessory racks will increase any quad's utility. The ATV was designed for the rough road (or no road at all) and a good utility rack lets you take your gear in and out with the least amount of sweat. ATV cargo racks can be found mounted on both the front, or the rear, or both if needed.

We offer a variety of excellent, high quality ATV accessory racks to suit your mud machine's needs. Whether carrying heavy tools or equipment into the woods, or hauling that ten-point buck out, we can supply the right off-road ATV cargo racks to help you get the job done.

ATV & Dirt Bike Carriers
What good is an ATV or dirt bike if it's still under a tarp in your garage? You and a couple of your buddies can try to push it haphazardly up a pair of shaky wooden planks into the bed of your pick-up, or you can do it the civilized way with an ATV & Dirt Bike Carrier. Secure the carrier to your hitch, drive the ATV up the metal ramps, and snug it down with a set of straps and you're good to go. Your ATV was made to get you out of the house and away from the cul-de-sac. A carrier let's you get out of town faster, so what are you waiting for?

Mister Smiley ABS Valve Stem Cap Cover
The short, cold days of winter are not all about gloomy grey skies and longing for the warm sun. You can carry the happiness along with you when you ride with Mister Smiley! A few of these novelty valve stem caps may be all the reminder that you need to have you soon thinking of flip-flops and flowery Hawaiian shirts.

For more information on ATV & Dirt Bike Parts & Accessories, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor, Leisure, & Saving Some Money with Lift Chair Parts

Labor Day, that traditional end-of-summer holiday, has come to symbolize the students' return to school, and the draw-down of the hectic vacation season. One of the truly wonderful attributes of the civilized life is the concept of leisure and its application. The dictionary defines leisure as free time spent away from necessary activities of business, domestic chores, or education. In other words, leisure means kicking back, goofing off, or otherwise relaxing away from the demands of everyday life. The concept is fitting this time of year as we (supposedly) put our collective noses back to the proverbial grindstone. We all know the kitchy image of a clock with wings signifying how time flies. I propose an image of a hammock slung between two trees sprouting a pair of wings and flying off to illustrate the fleeting nature of relaxation.

Hey, that's not a scooter!
The lazy and luxurious concept of leisure has me thinking of how nice it would be relaxing in the decadent embrace of a heat & massage lift chair. Our interest in lift chairs, (a style of recliner chair that mechanically lifts the sitter into a near-standing position), is a natural extension of Monster Scooter Parts' expertise in the realm of mobility scooters, power chairs, and other mobility products. For a few years now, parts for lift chairs have gone from a slow trickle to an increasingly vital category of our business. Our warehouse overflows with lift chair actuator motors, cords, cables, junction boxes, transformers, and more hand controls than we ever knew existed.

With so many lift chair parts passing through our hands we began to notice a thing or two about them. First up we discovered that for all of the different brands that sell lift chairs, there are less than a half-dozen or so companies that produce the actual component parts including Dewert, KD, Limoss, and OKIN. The other thing we learned about was cross-brand compatibility; some hand controls for Brand-X lift chairs work perfectly well on Brand-Z's models. For a perfect example; our Limoss-made Universal Hand Control for Pride Lift Chairs functions just fine & dandy on an array of lift chairs from Catnapper, Flexsteel, Golden Technologies, and more. Very often these "universal" hand controls have much more "user-friendly" price tags as well.

Don't Forget the Kids
The cooler days of Autumn make those leisurely weekends all the more enjoyable for powersports, and now is the time to get those ATVs, go-karts, mini bikes, and scooters cleaned up, filled up, recharged, and ready to go. Whether your machine needs a new recoil pull start, brake or throttle cables, or a set of mud-slinging tires, we probably have just the parts you need deep our vast canyonland of warehouse shelves and bins.

Over the last two or three years we have watched a veritable mushrooming of the electric mini bike category. Every day we get more orders from folks looking for Jetson Junior, Motovox, Monster Moto, and MotoTec parts and accessories. Most of these models are very similar in concept, design, and lay-out; almost as if the same crew of mini bike engineers drew up the specs for all of them. Suffice it to say that Monster Scooter Parts is here for your electric mini bike replacements. We have the electric motors, battery packs, and anything else you could want for your mini bike.

As the kids get older they put their little electric stand-up scooters away or pass them on to their younger siblings. Moving up to these quart-size electric mini bikes is the logical intermediate step that will no doubt lead eventually to 2-wheel street-legal gas-burners, a motorcycle license, and higher insurance premiums to go along with their rent, groceries, utility payments, taxes, and all of the other joys of living in the postmodern civilized world. So enjoy the shameless luxury of leisure while you still can. Summer's gone, Autumn's here, and it's back to school, back to work, back to the real world.

For more information on lift chair or electric mini bike parts visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't Overinflate That Inner Tube!

Earlier today, as I was holding forth and waxing philosophic with my web colleagues, one of my friends from over in the Customer Service Department came in and asked me if I could write something about inner tubes. Monster Scooter Parts sells a astonishing number of tubes in an almost unbelievably copious range of sizes. We have tubes for electric scooters and electric bikes, tubes for kick scooters and tubes for motor scooters. Our warehouse is stuffed chockablock with power chair tubes and dirt bike tubes... well, you get the picture; we sell a lot of inner tubes.

The Wonderful World of Tubery
On the scale of sheer production numbers, these rubber balloons may not be as common as they once were. Sometime between the Iron Age and the PVC Age, the tubeless tire concept caught on for automobiles, but what is now considered as technological obsolescence for cars is still going strong in downtown Scooterville. Many scooter enthusiasts and  cyclists still prefer the smooth ride that only a pneumatic tube can give. Maybe it is due to their dwindling numbers in the auto world, but it seems that the fine art of properly inflating an inner tube is being slowly forgotten as well.

When inflating your inner tube, please use your best judgment. The recommended inflation pressure is usually molded on the tire's sidewall, and it is sometimes printed on an inner tube as well. Here in the USA, this is usually given in pounds per square inch (PSI).The recommended inflation pressure is just that, a friendly suggestion by the tire or tube manufacturer that gives a general average pressure for the average rider on an average temperature day. The recommended PSI for an inner tube can vary depending on elevation, weather, and air pressure. Because a manufacturer might produce the same tube for a variety of applications, the pressure rating is often a bit optimistic.

To reiterate; these are mere recommendations and should not be taken as an absolute. As an example, an MTB cyclist at a 6200+ Colorado altitude needs a different tire/tube pressure than that which her cousin requires down in his sea level beach town. In addition, a few pounds less pressure on a rainy day will provide you with a lot better traction on wet pavement than you would have if your tubes were filled to the max.

The very best tire gauge is your own sense of touch. A bike or scooter inner tube is best inflated just to the point where it feels right to you, when it offers just the right amount of squeeze resistance -- something halfway between spongy and rock solid. There are still some things that technology just can't improve upon, and experience is always the best teacher.

When Air was Free
Back in the proverbial heyday of pneumatic tubery, you drove up to the gas station's (free) compressor pump, turned a hand-crank until it dialed in the requested air pressure, put brass fitting to your tire's Schrader valve and let it fill until the "ding-ding, ding-ding, ding-ding" ceased. If you needed 36 PSI, the compressor stopped ding-dinging at 36 PSI.

Not so these days. Today you first search around town for a station that actually still has a compressor, then you drop in your four quarters and wait for the pump to run for two or three minutes. Instead of the comforting "ding-ding-dinging" to announce the right pressure, today's pumps make you release a little button and inspect the square brass rod that pops out from the hose end. Hopefully you get all of your tires filled in record time or it's another four quarters into the slot.

The Solution
The answer to this of course is to have your own electric compressor at home or a portable pump like the exceedingly handy & useful Portland Design Works Shiny Object C02 Bike Tire Inflator. A good compressor or bicycle pump is a necessary piece of gear for anyone who rides on pneumatic tires. Today's lightweight pumps and inflators can make a real difference between having a great day and a "we were all having fun until I had a flat" kind of day.

For more information on inner tubes & tires, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

At Monster Scooter Parts we like to say that we have the parts and the smarts to keep you rolling.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Bike & Scooter Accessories - Get a Grip at Monster Scooter Parts

The world of bicycle technology has certainly changed over the years. Just about every part that goes into making a bike; everything from the seat (or "saddle" as it's now called) down to the pedals has been redesigned with lighter alloys, plastics, carbon fiber, and other weight-saving materials. Change is usually a Very Good Thing, but it seems that the essentials remain. The cranks and pedals and handlebars may have gotten themselves reconfigured into a more 21st century type of stuff, but they all still do the same job as before, and they do it in the very same old way. The fenders still keep the cold water and mud from splashing up your back and the handlebar grips still give you something to hang on to.

The Inflator
Here for example is an item that totally represents a new way of fixing an old problem. The Portland Design Works Ninja C02 bicycle pump (or "inflator" as they're now called) can be used as a traditional hand pump, or the rider can make use of the ultra fast CO2 cartridge and pop the air back into that pneumatic doughnut faster than it takes to write about it.

Taking a retro full step backwards, every kid once had an Inner Tube Patch & Repair Kit but such handy & useful items as these aren't as ubiquitous as they once were. Years later I can remember using the little metal rasp to roughen up the surface of the tube to take the patch, and the sharp aroma of rubber adhesive.  

The Cup Holder
Maintaining proper hydration is essential to every cyclist, and a good bike water bottle and water bottle holder are must-have items for the MTB rider or in-town street cyclist. Monster Scooter Parts offers an incredibly diverse range of bottles and carrier cages to suit just about anyone's tastes. We also offer a selection of the hydropacks that seem to be the current fashion in bike accessories.

Speaking of fashions that come and go, the humble beach cruiser is a category of bikes that I hope never goes out of style. Fat tires and single speed coaster brakes were part of my life growing up in a beach town and whenever I see a cruiser style bike it immediately takes me back to my greener days growing up on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Here's a cute and clever little item that will help turn just about anything with a handlebar into a bone fide beach cruiser; the Cruiser Candy Coconut Cup Holder, a unique drink holder made from real coconut husks. We sell a number of distinctive Cruiser Candy holders in a variety of models, so if you want to really dress up your handlebar in genuine beach town style just mount one on your bar and be the envy of the boardwalk.

The Trailer
As cycling becomes a family affair like no time before, bike trailers and trailer bikes become a great way to introduce the youngest cyclists to longer trips away from home. Child carriers & baby seats are certainly popular as well to keep the smallest kiddoes close at hand.

How is this for the ultimate bike accessory? You might not have needed one in the past, but sooner or later every cyclist wishes that they had a magnificent Cargo Trailer for their bike. Think of this as a bicycle-to-pickup-truck conversion kit. Once you attach the trailer your bike becomes a real pedal-powered hauling machine.

The Grip
Handlebar grips are one of the most economical upgrades that a rider can make to their bike or scooter. A good set of grips do two primary and necessary jobs as part of your steering system; they give your hands a good holding place to grab onto that isn't affected by sweat and moisture, and they provide your palms and fingers with a cushioned barrier against stress and vibration. Oh, and they improve your bike's good looks as well. OK, that makes three essential things that a set of handlebar grips do for you. Monster Scooter Parts carries a huge selection of grips for just about any cycling style. We have MTB grips and kids' grips. We offer flangeless foam grips and colorful flanged grips. And we have some of the most elegant leather grips that can ever go onto a bar.

Behold the utterly superlative Portland Design Works Whiskey Leather Handlebar Grips, the acme of grip design and luxury. The durable Whiskey Grips are crafted from the best full grain Italian leather. They are then vegetable tanned and conditioned with natural oils and waxes. Even the inside part is thoughtfully designed with sturdy machined aluminum alloy lockrings to prevent the grips from shifting while you ride. All in all, Portland's amazing Whiskey Leather Handlebar Grips are a real treat for yourself, or perhaps as a birthday or Father's Day gift for the favorite cyclist in your life.

A Very Good Thing
A bike or scooter is really an extension of the self. More than just a 2-wheeled leg-powered auxiliary vehicle, your personal machine says a lot about you and is a way that defines you as a whole person. Technology changes and everyone but the most lackadaisical or lollygagging cyclist or scooterist embraces the change for the Very Good Thing that it is. Embrace it and celebrate it.

For more information on bike parts & accessories, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Scooter Wheels - Flashing Lights at the Monster Scooter Parts Film Festival

The humble and unpretentious kick scooter has come a long way over the years. From its plebian origins to today's folding aluminum models, the kick scooter has grown from being a home-made kids' toy to being a ubiquitous sight on thousands of urban sidewalks and suburban cul-de-sacs. Monster Scooter Parts celebrates the kick scooter with a wide offering of bearings, colorful handlebar grips, a plethora of top-quality helmets & safety gear, and a selection of replacement wheels. And what kick scooter would be complete without a handlebar mount squeaky horn or ring-a-ding bell?

The Wheel
One of our favorite items here at Monster Scooter Parts are these wonderful 98mm/100mm light up wheels for the Razor A and A2 kick scooter. In fact, we love these sparkling riots of light so much that my friend and colleague GT recorded a short film that spotlights these kick scooter wheels in all their beauty.

Not only do kids of all ages (just ask GT) love these light-up wheels, parents can take a bit of ease knowing that the riders' safety factor is most certainly enhanced in low-light conditions. You simply cannot miss the gorgeous illuminating display when a kick scooter sporting these wheels goes flashing by.

Judging from contemporary illustrations, the kick scooter has had a very long, if largely undocumented history. Two hundred years ago kids were playing on early wooden versions complete with handmade wooden wheels. Still later kick scooters could be built at home using an old steel-wheeled roller skate, a pine 2X4 and a bit of metal conduit pipe with a T-joint. Over the years various kinds of kick scooters came and went in popularity, along with yo-yos, hula-hoops, the Whee-Lo, and the Slinky. But unlike some other faddish toys, the kick scooter (sometimes called a "kickboard") never totally died out as each new generation rediscovered and reinvented them, seemingly from scratch.

The modern folding aluminum kick scooter made its dramatic debut in the last years of the 20th Century with the Swiss Micro Original Scooters. Almost concurrently, JDBug began marketing the now-famous Razor scooter. A decade later, Razor is still the premier designer and manufacturer of kick scooters in the world. No longer just for kids, adult-sized Razor scooters like the A5 Lux are being discovered by urban commuters needing to travel down the sidewalk a bit farther than an easy fast walk. An advantage of the folding scooter over the bicycle is the scooter takes up very little space. The office worker or messenger can simply fold the kick scooter up and carry it into a building.

The life of a Scooter Parts Professional is always intense.
As the global leader in the international scooter parts trade, the Scooter Parts Professionals (SPPs) at Monster Scooter Parts might be forgiven for wanting to rest on their proverbial laurels on a rare occasion, but the company got to where it is because they are the busiest bunch in the industry. Far from being a happy-go-lucky parcel of scamps & scallywags with too much time on our hands; in reality the Monster Scooter Parts crew stays busy scouring the globe to bring our customers the very best, the handiest, most useful, or just the most unique items available for your scooting lifestyle. A pair of 98mm Kick Scooter Wheels may not be the most profound piece of merchandise that we sell, but to a kid on a Razor, a set of these gloriously illuminating little spinners may be the Greatest Invention in Human History!

For more information on kick scooter wheels, or any other replacement and accessory kick scooter parts, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

We love what we do.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bike & Scooter Accessories - Banana Seats, Sissy Bars & Classic Retro Style

ac·ces·so·ry - noun - something added to something else to increase its usefulness, utility, or aesthetics.

It was a natural progression for Monster Scooter Parts. Years ago we started out selling batteries and tires for electric recreation scooters, then we branched out into parts for mobility scooters, and after that we got into street-legal motor scooter parts. Today we stock innumerable items for ATVs, electric power chairs, go-karts, wheelchairs, dirt bikes, pit bikes, and a lot more. Electric scooters led us to electric bicycles, where we quickly realized that about 75% of the e-bike parts were shared with their pedal-powered cousins. We haven't yet renamed ourselves Monster Bicycle Parts, but I suppose that we could if we wanted to.

We have greatly expanded our inventory of bike parts and our warehouse shelves are getting crowded with just about every imaginable bicycle accessory under the sun. In and among this burgeoning myriad of bike parts great and small are a number of distinctive items that almost stood up from their shelves and screamed "Blog me!" as I walk past. Here are just a few of these new and noteworthy items.

12 Volt Electric Bike Conversion Kit
If you have ever considered converting your old pedal-powered buddy into a cool, green electric/pedal hybrid machine, then our 12 Volt Electric Bike Conversion Kit from EVO may be the simplest, most convenient, and quickest installed way to go. The EVO company makes a superlative DIY e-bike kit, and these genuine American made assemblies include everything you will require for your project except the adjustable wrench. Perfect for any bicycle or adult trike, the EVO kit is designed to be a universally compatible solution to building your own electric bike.

Universal Fleece Seat Cover
Here is an item everyone with a cruiser-style saddle seat needs, and it just may be the most comfortable bike accessory you can ever have. We call this universal fleece seat cover because the 10" wide by 11" long sack of downy softness will fit most bike seats. Whether you ride a classic beach cruiser, an adult trike, an e-bike, or just an exercise bike; sitting atop this fluffy and fuzzy cover will make you feel like you're perched up on a cloud.

That Groovy Wheelie Bike Style
As with anything else, the popular fashions in bicycle designs come and go. Some things, like the basic fat tired beach cruiser, have weathered the test of time far better than the velocipedes and high wheel bikes of the 1800s. The Wheelie Bike is a classic American bike style that is now in its fifth decade, taking its shape and basic layout by emulating the big Harley Davidson choppers of their day. Wheelie bikes, banana bikes, spider bikes, and high-risers; all of these names meant the same thing as far as we were concerned back then.

The Sears Spyder and the Schwinn Stingray were perhaps the two best known models, but all of these little bikes sported the three attributes which defined the class; a banana seat, a sissy bar, and the tall monkey bar or ape hanger handlebar. Eventually the wheelies were eclipsed in popularity by the similar-sized BMX style bikes; but a good wheelie can be easily replicated by using wheelie style parts on a BMX frame. Monster Scooter Parts carries the correct style seats, sissy bars, handlebars, and other parts for anyone wanting to restore or build their own classic wheelie bike.

Classic Striped Banana Polo Saddle Seat
Our Classic Striped Banana Polo Saddle Seat is a veritable blast from the past and a must-have item for anyone who wants a wheelie, or relishes the unabashed love of all things circa 1969 retro. These excellent saddle seats are available in three color options, black, blue, and red. The banana seat was THE bike saddle that every kid wanted to sit on in the mid to late 1960s. From 15" to 18" long, the classic banana was a foot & a half of sometimes striped, often sparkle flecked, even flower-power printed upholstery that was actually designed to be sat on while pedaling, unlike some modern road bike saddles that seem to be used to sparingly park your butt while coasting down hill. Although the classic banana has never disappeared from the bike world, its popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Somewhere along the line it acquired the additional name of Polo Saddle.

The wonderful banana seat has been making something of a comeback these days, and our Classic Striped Banana will make a perfect addition to a vintage Spyder restoration, or on any from-the-ground-up custom build.

Sissy Bar Style Saddle Seat Rail
If you have a banana seat, you need a Sissy Bar Style Saddle Seat Rail to hold the rear up. Unlike most bike saddle designs that perch atop the seat post, the long banana needs the additional support that goes from the axle mount up to the seat's back end. We have sissy bars in three lengths to suit your fancy; the standard 24" model, a true chopper-like 36" high riser, and a low-rider 36" adjustable model that uses a pair of sturdy clamps so you can move your seat up or down to just the angle you want.

D-Cruiser Handlebars
Blame it on the 1960s film "Easy Rider", but every self-respecting kid back in the day either had (or wished they had) a magnificent set of ape hangers on their bike, and the taller the better. We offer our 25" Tall D-Cruiser Handlebars in your choice of black or chrome silver. For those who prefer a shorter set of monkey bars to steer with, we also carry a 13-1/2" D-Cruiser Handlebar. This shorter style may not be as dramatic looking as its 25" brother, but it is quite a bit easier to use, especially for riders with a shorter arm reach.

Bugle Handlebar Horn
Here is the Greatest Bicycle Accessory in Human History, the timeless, the classic, the incomparable
Bugle Handlebar Horn! All hyperbole aside; every bike needs some sort of noise maker, and the humble squeeze-bulb bugle horn has been a perennial favorite of cyclists for well over a century. We offer these horns in your choice of three colors; glossy black, traditional polished metallic silver, and a deep pink. No handlebar on any bicycle, anywhere on the globe should be seen without a handlebar festooned with its proper bugle horn. Bar none.

Looking Backwards
Growing up on the Virginia Beach oceanfront back in the 1960s, we local kids would usually ride our wheelie bikes to school and back whenever the weather permitted it. Throughout our elementary years and on to junior high school (that's what middle schools were called back then), the schools' bike parking racks were filled with some of the most colorful models ever produced by the US bicycle industry. By the time that we were in our high school and college years, the wheelies of our childhood became replaced by the road bikes and beach cruisers that are essentially the same as those still in fashion with cyclists today. Technology has given us lighter alloys and ancillary items like handlebar mounted Smartphone holders, but a new road bike or beach cruiser isn't much different that a road bike or beach cruiser from a generation ago.

Those beautiful wheelies sort of faded for a while but they are currently popping up again. Whether they are restored relics from the psychedelic era or on BMX frames that have been customized and retrofit with wheelie style parts, it's good to see another generation rediscovering the most aesthetic and utterly cool looking American bicycle design in history.

As Monster Scooter Parts grows, so does our inventory of some of the best bike parts and accessories available. If you need a small item like a horn, a electric conversion kit, or the necessary bits to recreate the wheelie, Monster Scooter Part is still your best source for bike parts and accessories.


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Monster Scooter Parts is your home for the best price, the broadest selection, and unrivaled customer service that cannot be found elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our huge selection of scooter battery packs and scooter chargers, along with thousands of additional electric scooter parts and gas scooter parts to meet all of your needs. In addition to our fast-moving, high-demand items from the big-name manufacturers, Monster Scooter Parts stocks a large number of difficult to find parts for out-of-production scooter brands such as BladeZ and Minimoto. Many of the parts in our warehouses are available nowhere else in the world, and when our stock of these parts are exhausted, the final chapter in these scooter brands' histories shall have been written.

With our broad and comprehensive knowledge of gas-powered or electric scooter parts, and the scooter parts industry, you can be assured that you are getting a top-notch, high quality scooter battery, scooter charger, or any other replacement part at a truly great price. We are an authorized parts dealer for the ActiveCare, Drive Medical, Invacare, Pride Mobility, Rascal, and Shoprider lines of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. In the recrerational scooter field, Monster Scooter Parts is an authorized dealer for Currie, Razor, and Baja Motorsports.

Our goal is to provide our customers with an almost inexhaustably extensive selection of scooter parts while providing the most hassle-free shopping experience possible. Feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service experts by calling our toll free number, or using our e-mail contact form.

Our Mission Statement:
We are committed to providing an exceptional buying experience - before, during, and after the sale. We will exceed the expectations of our customers while maintaining reasonable prices.