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Scooter Accessories - Scooter Smartphone Holders & Adapters

ac·ces·so·ry - noun - something added to something else to increase its usefulness, utility, or aesthetics.

They way we communicate today has changed in ways that Jules Verne or H.G. Wells could never have dreamed of; rocketing forth in a few short decades from the Western Union telegraph to the Nokia cellphone. We have become so used to our convenient gadgets that many folks today would be totally lost without their Smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and other portable electronics. For many of those with mobility issues, today's mobile phone is their lifeline to the world. Monster Scooter Parts recently expanded our scooter accessories section to include a growing selection of Smartphone holders and adapters that allow the user to mount their personal devices right there on the handlebar tiller or armrest frame. Having a cell phone holder on your scooter means you can have your display right where you want it. We offer several models of Samsung or iPhone holders and adapters to best fit your needs.

Universal Grip Smartphone Holder
Our Universal Grip Smartphone Holder will mount just about anywhere you want it to. Just slip off the handlebar grip, slide it on, and tighten it up. Adjust it to the size of your Smartphone or iPod player and you are ready to roll.

Flexible Gooseneck Smartphone Holder
The Flexible Gooseneck Smartphone Holder is one of our most popular best-selling items! Instead of a clamp, you put this nifty cell phone holder's tab beneath your mirror's threaded shank and re-tighten the mirror. This makes for an extra 60 seconds of work, but the results are worth it. You can adjust the holder into just about any position you need.

Weatherproof Handlebar Mount Smartphone Holder
If you are not afraid of a little rain, this Weatherproof Handlebar Mount Smartphone Holder is for you. Your mobile phone goes into a zippered case that mounts onto your handlebar. We currently offer these Smartphone chargers in three sizes to fit the most common Samsung and iPhone models.

USB Charging Adapter
Our Alvey brand USB Charging Adapter must be one of the most truly useful little items in our inventory. A perfect example of beauty in simplicity, this adapter will charge your electronic devices directly from your scooter or power chair's charging port. The unique space-saving XLR to USB design will quickly recharge the batteries that provide the power that your necessary electronics need.

Portable USB Battery Charger for Smartphones & Tablets
If you have ever lost power in your mobile phone or tablet and had no where to plug it into, here is a product that you will be glad that you had. Our portable USB battery charger for Smartphones and tablets is also known as a flash charger or USB charger. This lightweight little powerhouse can add more than 50 hours of use time to your Smartphone, tablet, PDA, or MP3 player.

"Nearly" Universal Scooter Cup & Drink Holder
The "Nearly" universal scooter cup holder is one of those rare product items that comes along and makes us sit up and take notice. With all of the different scooter drink holder designs for this scooter model or that power chair brand, the Nearly Universal Cup Holder is much different... it's nearly universal! You can mount this scooter cup holder on just about any and every seated device with a relatively flat armrest top that you can wrap the Velcro straps around. Just the right cup holder for just about every brand and model of electric mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, and more.

The Mother of Invention
It was the Greek philosopher Plato who said that necessity is the mother of invention. He said it two thousand years before the discovery of the printing press, steam and electric power, gasoline, computer chips or how to waste time on Facebook showing the entire world pictures of your dog. Despite a few minor inconveniences like famine, the Peloponnesian War, or the bubonic plague, the ancient times of Plato's day had to have been far simpler than ours. The basic necessities of life; food, clothing, shelter, and companionship have not changed. But the speed, efficiency, and convenience of gratification has made our world a totally different place. Great leaps in technology means that civilization itself seems to reinvent itself with every new generation.

I once drove every mile from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, coast to coast. And I did it without using a GPS. In the recent past every State Highway Department would give out free official state road maps at their rest stops, but those big folding paper maps are now going the way of the 8-track tape player and the glass-plate camera. Back when I was a kid, (about a million years ago) I used to be able to spend hours laying on the floor looking at my world atlas and maps from places that I had never been and let my imagination take me there. Having a professional navigator for a father meant that I may have picked up some of this just through paternal osmosis. But now I wonder if today's child will ever mentally travel the globe just by looking at the GPS function on a Smartphone, and it makes me a little sad to think that they probably won't.

For more information on Smartphone Holders, Adapters, & Accessories, or any other replacement and accessory scooter parts, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.


Scooter Accessories - Lights & Lightning Bugs

ac·ces·so·ry - noun - something added to something else to increase its usefulness, utility, or aesthetics.

Monster Scooter Parts has recently expanded our selections of accessory add-ons and we now offer a slew of aftermarket mirrors, mobile Smartphone holders, universal cup holders, squeaky horns, ring-a-ding bike bells, and a plethora of other useful, utilitarian, or otherwise aesthetically necessary scooter items that you may not have known about until now. In among all these boxes of beauty and crates of creative customizationism, are a bunch of different accessory lights made to mount on handlebars, spokes, valve stems, or just about anywhere else that today's fashionable biker or scooterist sees fit to stick 'em.

Accessory Bike & Scooter Lights
Adding lights to a scooter or electric bicycle does one of two things; it lets you see better, or it better allows others to see you. Unlike the big old chrome headlights found on the classic cruiser bikes of years past, today's bike and scooter headlights are more often an LED flashlight. We even have a Universal Multi-Function Handlebar Mount Clamp if you want to attach a flashlight of your own.

The TwistLit Light
Among the handiest offerings in our catalog are the LED TwistLit lights. Available in your choice of white or red, the TwistLits' claim to fame is their unique attachment. Instead of a screw-down clamp, these little flashers use four wrap-around flexible arms or "tentacles" to tenaciously grip the handlebar or frame.

But it is the safety factor of the bike being more visible that delights the kids and comforts the adults. The visual flourish of a spinning kaleidoscope of color means that there is no mistaking a rider in the dark. Monster Scooter Parts has several varieties of these flashing, spinning, revolving riots of light.

LED Spoke Lights
A couple of colored spoke lights is an excellent addition to get the rider noticed after the sun sets. Perhaps not as flamboyant as some of our other illuminating offerings, a good pair of rolling spoke lights will still get peoples' attention. Monster Scooter Parts has these safety enhancing accessories in several colors and there is no law that states you must stick to just one.

Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?
So what do you call those beautiful little flying beetles that light up the summer nights with their flashing yellow-green abdomens? Whether you refer to them as fireflies or lightning bugs says a little about where you grew up, but both terms are equally correct. In honor of these amazing little bio-luminescent insects, the term "firefly" has become the generic name for those motion-activated valve cap (or valve stem) lights that make a spinning bicycle wheel become a glowing ring of fire.

Our Lightening Bug and Fireflies are closely related models of valve cap lights. The Lightning Bug bike & scooter light flashes as it spins, the colors and patterns continuously changing in an explosion of joyous illumination. The Firefly gives a constant glow and is available in your choice of colors. Either way, these unique little valve cap bike light models make a great bike or scooter accessory.

The Ubiquitous Non-Conformist
We live in a time of personalizing and customization. As the big wide world shrinks into the global village, our options grow by inverse proportion. The current fashions of the hour may dictate the consumers' must-have wants, but we never want the exact same thing as our neighbor. I love the saying (with a little dash of irony) that everyone just has to be a non-conformist like everyone else! I may have the exact same new electronic gizmo as all of my friends, but my new gizmo has a day-glo paisley faux leather carrying case while all my friends carry their cases in neon pink with purple polka-dots. We celebrate our uniqueness while wrapped in the safety of our anonymity.

Our selection of add-on accessory bike bike and scooter lights reflects our need for personalization with the additional benefit of enhanced safety. Be seen, be safe, but above all be who you are.

For more information on Scooter Accessory Lights, or any other replacement and accessory scooter parts, visit the experts at Monster Scooter Parts.

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