Monday, September 10, 2007

New Scooter Engines, Battery Packs, and New Products

Been out of the mix for some time now, but the Monster Scooter Parts Blog returns! Time to give a brief update on new products that have been added over the very busy summer, and updates on new products to come.

We received a small shipment of EPA certified scooter engines, and they have now been posted on our website. We have both electric and manual pull starts:

EPA Certified Scooter Engines

Also, the hard to find Minimoto Battery shipments have started to arrive, you can find them here:

36 Volt Minimoto Battery

18 Volt Minimoto Battery

We also continue to provide new products to better serve the mobility scooter community, such as new high output 24 Volt battery chargers, and gray non-marking mobility scooter tires:

24 Volt 7.0 Amp XLR Battery Charger

Mobility Scooter Tires

Really, we are continuously adding new products, and there are too many to list. We are working to improve our data collection from you, our customers, on new products that you need. We make note of products not currently offered through the many telephone conversations we have with our customers daily. Additionally, for our customers who prefer email, we have created a unique address to capture customer requests. Please email your new parts requests to:

and your request will be forwarded directly to our inventory and import managers.

Thanks and stay safe!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Pre-Wired Battery Packs for Scooters, Bikes, and Go Karts

Many of our customers have indicated a need for pre-wired battery packs. Pre-wired battery packs require no cutting, splicing, soldering, special connectors, or tools by the customer. Upon receipt of the battery, simply plug in the battery pack and go!

In the past pre-wired battery packs were available only from the manufacturer on select models, and were relatively expensive as they are OEM parts. That basically limited pre-wired battery packs to Currie Technology and Razor Scooter USA products. Additionally, the Razor pre-wired battery packs are EXTREMELY difficult to keep in stock due to high demand and limited availability from the manufacturer.

Monster Scooter Parts is now offering an expanded line of pre-wired battery packs that are wired in house at our facility. We are working directly with factories in China to procure the wiring harnesses and unique connectors needed to fabricate the pre-wired battery packs for as many brands as possible. Below is a list of new battery packs that are now in stock:

Minimoto 18 Volt Sport Racer Pre-Wired Battery Pack

Minimoto 36 Volt Maxii, ATV, and Go Kart Pre-Wired Battery Pack

Schwinn, Mongoose, GT, & IZIP Scooter 24 Volt 10 Ah Pre-Wired Battery Pack

Within 30 days, we will be offering pre-wired battery packs for most Razor scooters and dirt bikes, in supplement to many of the OEM Razor pre-wired battery packs, many of which are currently out of stock:

Razor 24 Volt Scooter Pre-Wired Battery Packs

Additionally, we hope to offer pre-wired batteries for Sea-Doo Seascooters as well

Sea-Doo Seascooters

Making it as easy as possible for our customers to get back on the road is our goal at Monster Scooter Parts!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Minimoto Parts Have Arrived!

We received the long awaited parts shipment of Minimoto ATV tires, Maxii tires, and battery connectors needed to complete the Minimoto 18 volt and 36 volt battery packs. The shipment arrived late last Friday.

All backordered parts are starting to ship out today, with hopes that we can get all backorders shipped and to our customers by this coming weekend. Here are the links to the new parts now IN STOCK:

ATV Tires

Maxii Tires

18 Volt Battery Packs

36 Volt Battery Packs

All Minimoto compatible parts can be found here:


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Scooter Battery Charger Voltages

A few of our customers have inquired about the compatibility of our battery chargers with European A/C power input. Quite a few of our chargers have a wide range of input power options that accommodate virtually all countries in the world. For example, take our 24 Volt battery charger that is used on most of the Schwinn electric scooters:

24 Volt 1.6 Amp 3-Prong Battery Charger

Notice the input A/C range of 80-240 VAC, and flexibility of frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

Similar results on one of our offboard mobility scooter battery chargers:

24 Volt 4.0 Amp XLR Battery Charger

The list below was found at

Country Voltage Frequency
Afghanistan 220V 50Hz
Albania 230V 50Hz
Algeria 230V 50Hz
American Samoa 120V 60Hz
Andorra 230V 50Hz
Angola 220V 50Hz
Anguilla 110V 60Hz
Antigua 230V 60Hz
Argentina 220V 50Hz
Armenia 230V 50Hz
Aruba 127V 60Hz
Australia 240V 50Hz
Austria 230V 50Hz
Azerbaijan 220V 50Hz
Azores 230V 50Hz
Bahamas 120V 60Hz
Bahrain 230V 50Hz
Balearic Islands 230V 50Hz
Bangladesh 220V 50Hz
Barbados 115V 50Hz
Belarus 230V 50Hz
Belgium 230V 50Hz
Belize 110/220V 60Hz
Benin 220V 50Hz
Bermuda 120V 60Hz
Bhutan 230V 50Hz
Bolivia 230V 50Hz
Bosnia 230V 50Hz
Botswana 230V 50Hz
Brazil 110-220V 60Hz
Brunei 240V 50Hz
Bulgaria 230V 50Hz
Burkina Faso 220V 50Hz
Burundi 220V 50Hz
Cambodia 230V 50Hz
Cameroon 220V 50Hz
Canada 120V 60Hz
Canary Islands 230V 50Hz
Cape Verde 230V 50Hz
Cayman Islands 120V 60Hz
Central Africa 220V 50Hz
Chad 220V 50Hz
Channel Islands 230V 50Hz
Chile 220V 50Hz
China 220V 50Hz
Colombia 110V 60Hz
Comoros 220V 50Hz
Congo (Zaire) 220V 50Hz
Cook Islands 240V 50Hz
Costa Rica 120V 60Hz
Côte d'Ivoire
(Ivory Coast) 220V 50Hz
Croatia 230V 50Hz
Cuba 110/220V 60Hz
Cyprus 230V 50Hz
Czech Republic 230V 50Hz
Denmark 230V 50Hz
Djibouti 220V 50Hz
Dominica 230V 50Hz
Dominican Republic 110V 60Hz
East Timor 220V 50Hz
Ecuador 127V 60Hz
Egypt 220V 50Hz
El Salvador 115V 60Hz
Equatorial Guinea 220V 50Hz
Eritrea 230V 50Hz
Estonia 230V 50Hz
Ethiopia 220V 50Hz
Faeroe Islands 230V 50Hz
Falkland Islands 240V 50Hz
Fiji 240V 50Hz
Finland 230V 50Hz
France 230V 50Hz
French Guyana 220V 50Hz
Gaza 230V 50Hz
Gabon 220V 50Hz
Gambia 230V 50Hz
Germany 230V 50Hz
Ghana 230V 50Hz
Gibraltar 230V 50Hz
Greece 230V 50Hz
Greenland 230V 50Hz
Grenada 230V 50Hz
Guadeloupe 230V 50Hz
Guam 110V 60Hz
Guatemala 120V 60Hz
Guinea 220V 50Hz
Guinea-Bissau 220V 50Hz
Guyana 240V 60Hz
Haiti 110V 60Hz
Honduras 110V 60Hz
Hong Kong 220V 50Hz
Hungary 230V 50Hz
Iceland 230V 50Hz
India 240V 50Hz
Indonesia 230V 50Hz
Iran 230V 50Hz
Iraq 230V 50Hz
Ireland (Eire) 230V 50Hz
Isle of Man 230V 50Hz
Israel 230V 50Hz
Italy 230V 50Hz
Jamaica 110V 50Hz
Japan 100V 50/60Hz
Jordan 230V 50Hz
Kenya 240V 50Hz
Kazakhstan 220V 50Hz
Country Voltage Frequency.
Kiribati 240V 50Hz
Korea, South 220V 60Hz
Kuwait 240V 50Hz
Kyrgyzstan 220V 50Hz
Laos 230V 50Hz
Latvia 230V 50Hz
Lebanon 230V 50Hz
Lesotho 220V 50Hz
Liberia 120V 60Hz
Libya 127/230V 50Hz
Lithuania 230V 50Hz
Liechtenstein 230V 50Hz
Luxembourg 230V 50Hz
Macau 220V 50Hz
Macedonia 230V 50Hz
Madagascar 127/220V 50Hz
Madeira 230V 50Hz
Malawi 230V 50Hz
Malaysia 240V 50Hz
Maldives 230V 50Hz
Mali 220V 50Hz
Malta 230V 50Hz
Martinique 220V 50Hz
Mauritania 220V 50Hz
Mauritius 230V 50Hz
Mexico 127V 60Hz
Micronesia 120V 60Hz
Moldova 230V 50Hz
Monaco 230V 50Hz
Mongolia 230V 50Hz
Montserrat Islands 230V 60Hz
Morocco 220V 50Hz
Mozambique 220V 50Hz
Myanmar (Burma) 230V 50Hz
Namibia 220V 50Hz
Nauru 240V 50Hz
Nepal 230V 50Hz
Netherlands 230V 50Hz
Netherlands Antilles 127/220V 50Hz
New Caledonia 220V 50Hz
New Zealand 230V 50Hz
Nicaragua 120V 60Hz
Niger 220V 50Hz
Nigeria 240V 50Hz
Norway 230V 50Hz
Okinawa 100V 60Hz
Oman 240V 50Hz
Pakistan 230V 50Hz
Palmyra Atoll 120V 60Hz
Panama 110V 60Hz
Papua New Guinea 240V 50Hz
Paraguay 220V 50Hz
Peru 220V 60Hz
Philippines 220V 60Hz
Poland 230V 50Hz
Portugal 230V 50Hz
Puerto Rico 120V 60Hz
Qatar 240V 50Hz
Réunion Island 230V 50Hz
Romania 230V 50Hz
Russian Federation 230V 50Hz
Rwanda 230V 50Hz
St. Kitts & Nevis Islands 230V 60Hz
St. Lucia Island 240V 50Hz
St. Vincent Island 230V 50Hz
Saudi Arabia 127/220V 60Hz
Senegal 230V 50Hz
Serbia & Montenegro 230V 50Hz
Seychelles 240V 50Hz
Sierra Leone 230V 50Hz
Singapore 230V 50Hz
Slovakia 230V 50Hz
Slovenia 230V 50Hz
Somalia 220V 50Hz
South Africa 230V 50Hz
Spain 230V 50Hz
Sri Lanka 230V 50Hz
Sudan 230V 50Hz
Suriname 127V 60Hz
Swaziland 230V 50Hz
Sweden 230V 50Hz
Switzerland 230V 50Hz
Syria 220V 50Hz
Tahiti 110/220V 60Hz
Tajikistan 220V 50Hz
Taiwan 110V 60Hz
Tanzania 230V 50Hz
Thailand 220V 50Hz
Togo 220V 50Hz
Tonga 240V 50Hz
Trinidad & Tobago 115V 60Hz
Tunisia 230V 50Hz
Turkey 230V 50Hz
Turkmenistan 220V 50Hz
Uganda 240V 50Hz
Ukraine 230V 50Hz
United Arab Emirates 220V 50Hz
United Kingdom 230V 50Hz
United States 110/220V 60Hz
Uruguay 220V 50Hz
Uzbekistan 220V 50Hz
Venezuela 120V 60Hz
Vietnam 220V 50Hz
Virgin Islands 110V 60Hz
Western Samoa 230V 50Hz
Yemen 230V 50Hz
Zambia 230V 50Hz
Zimbabwe 220V 50Hz

That's a very long list (formatting not so great either), but that should cover most of the countries visited by our customers. We hope this helps, and keeps you moving all around the world!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Recycling Scooter Batteries

Monster Scooter Parts encourages all of our customers who purchase replacement scooter batteries to RECYCLE their used sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. While electric scooters are “green” vehicles in that they do not produce airborne exhaust gases that are harmful to the environment, they do carry an extremely toxic material onboard: LEAD, in the form of lead acid in scooter batteries.

Lead poisoning can cause a number of health problems, such as brain damage, kidney damage, hearing impairment, diarrhea, lethargy, and learning disabilities in children. These are very serious health concerns.

Many states have enacted legislation that requires recycling of lead acid batteries. Typically local and state governments provide a means of accepting used batteries, and that is where you should look first when trying to find a facility to recycle your used scooter batteries.

Additionally, many private retailers will accept your used scooter batteries as part of the Call2Recycle program. Additional information can be found at Below is a partial list of national retailers where you can take your scooter battery for recycling:

Circuit City
Home Depot
Office Depot
Office Max
Radio Shack
Sam’s Club

You can find additional information at, including a nice recycling location search feature.

Please do the right thing and recycle those scooter batteries!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Minimoto Parts

We recently learned that Toy Quest has discontinued the Minimoto line of electric scooters and they have decided to no longer support these products with replacement parts. Minimoto has been referring many of their customers to us and we look forward to the opportunity to serve the needs of those customers now and in the future!

Unfortunately, some of the most popular Minimoto replacement parts are out of stock right now. However, we are working hard to get these parts back in stock as quickly as possible.

36 volt 3-prong battery chargers for all Minimoto 36 volt products will be back in stock by April 9, 2007!

We also hope to have Minimoto ATV/Dune Buggy 10x4-6 tires and Minimoto Maxii 4.00-6 tires back in stock by April 25, 2007. Unfortunately, we are still working on locating inner tubes for these tires. Hopefully we will get some soon! Tires and tubes for the Motocross XRF500 should be available around July 1, 2007.

Minimoto OEM 36 volt and 18 volt batteries are nearly impossible to find. However, we are working on developing fully-compatible plug-and-play battery packs comprised of three 12 volt batteries (36 volts) and three 6 volt batteries (18 volts) that will fit all Minimoto 18 volt and 36 volt products. We hope to have these battery packs completed and ready to sell by April 30, 2007.

We are also working on getting 18 volt 3-prong battery chargers for the Minimoto Sport Racer in stock soon. These may not become available until June 2007.

So please do not toss out your busted Minimoto product just yet! We will continue adding new Minimoto parts based on demand and we look forward to getting your scooters back up and running again soon! Please e-mail us if you have any questions.
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