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Bike & Scooter Accessories - Banana Seats, Sissy Bars & Classic Retro Style

ac·ces·so·ry - noun - something added to something else to increase its usefulness, utility, or aesthetics.

It was a natural progression for Monster Scooter Parts. Years ago we started out selling batteries and tires for electric recreation scooters, then we branched out into parts for mobility scooters, and after that we got into street-legal motor scooter parts. Today we stock innumerable items for ATVs, electric power chairs, go-karts, wheelchairs, dirt bikes, pit bikes, and a lot more. Electric scooters led us to electric bicycles, where we quickly realized that about 75% of the e-bike parts were shared with their pedal-powered cousins. We haven't yet renamed ourselves Monster Bicycle Parts, but I suppose that we could if we wanted to.

We have greatly expanded our inventory of bike parts and our warehouse shelves are getting crowded with just about every imaginable bicycle accessory under the sun. In and among this burgeoning myriad of bike parts great and small are a number of distinctive items that almost stood up from their shelves and screamed "Blog me!" as I walk past. Here are just a few of these new and noteworthy items.

12 Volt Electric Bike Conversion Kit
If you have ever considered converting your old pedal-powered buddy into a cool, green electric/pedal hybrid machine, then our 12 Volt Electric Bike Conversion Kit from EVO may be the simplest, most convenient, and quickest installed way to go. The EVO company makes a superlative DIY e-bike kit, and these genuine American made assemblies include everything you will require for your project except the adjustable wrench. Perfect for any bicycle or adult trike, the EVO kit is designed to be a universally compatible solution to building your own electric bike.

Universal Fleece Seat Cover
Here is an item everyone with a cruiser-style saddle seat needs, and it just may be the most comfortable bike accessory you can ever have. We call this universal fleece seat cover because the 10" wide by 11" long sack of downy softness will fit most bike seats. Whether you ride a classic beach cruiser, an adult trike, an e-bike, or just an exercise bike; sitting atop this fluffy and fuzzy cover will make you feel like you're perched up on a cloud.

That Groovy Wheelie Bike Style
As with anything else, the popular fashions in bicycle designs come and go. Some things, like the basic fat tired beach cruiser, have weathered the test of time far better than the velocipedes and high wheel bikes of the 1800s. The Wheelie Bike is a classic American bike style that is now in its fifth decade, taking its shape and basic layout by emulating the big Harley Davidson choppers of their day. Wheelie bikes, banana bikes, spider bikes, and high-risers; all of these names meant the same thing as far as we were concerned back then.

The Sears Spyder and the Schwinn Stingray were perhaps the two best known models, but all of these little bikes sported the three attributes which defined the class; a banana seat, a sissy bar, and the tall monkey bar or ape hanger handlebar. Eventually the wheelies were eclipsed in popularity by the similar-sized BMX style bikes; but a good wheelie can be easily replicated by using wheelie style parts on a BMX frame. Monster Scooter Parts carries the correct style seats, sissy bars, handlebars, and other parts for anyone wanting to restore or build their own classic wheelie bike.

Classic Striped Banana Polo Saddle Seat
Our Classic Striped Banana Polo Saddle Seat is a veritable blast from the past and a must-have item for anyone who wants a wheelie, or relishes the unabashed love of all things circa 1969 retro. These excellent saddle seats are available in three color options, black, blue, and red. The banana seat was THE bike saddle that every kid wanted to sit on in the mid to late 1960s. From 15" to 18" long, the classic banana was a foot & a half of sometimes striped, often sparkle flecked, even flower-power printed upholstery that was actually designed to be sat on while pedaling, unlike some modern road bike saddles that seem to be used to sparingly park your butt while coasting down hill. Although the classic banana has never disappeared from the bike world, its popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Somewhere along the line it acquired the additional name of Polo Saddle.

The wonderful banana seat has been making something of a comeback these days, and our Classic Striped Banana will make a perfect addition to a vintage Spyder restoration, or on any from-the-ground-up custom build.

Sissy Bar Style Saddle Seat Rail
If you have a banana seat, you need a Sissy Bar Style Saddle Seat Rail to hold the rear up. Unlike most bike saddle designs that perch atop the seat post, the long banana needs the additional support that goes from the axle mount up to the seat's back end. We have sissy bars in three lengths to suit your fancy; the standard 24" model, a true chopper-like 36" high riser, and a low-rider 36" adjustable model that uses a pair of sturdy clamps so you can move your seat up or down to just the angle you want.

D-Cruiser Handlebars
Blame it on the 1960s film "Easy Rider", but every self-respecting kid back in the day either had (or wished they had) a magnificent set of ape hangers on their bike, and the taller the better. We offer our 25" Tall D-Cruiser Handlebars in your choice of black or chrome silver. For those who prefer a shorter set of monkey bars to steer with, we also carry a 13-1/2" D-Cruiser Handlebar. This shorter style may not be as dramatic looking as its 25" brother, but it is quite a bit easier to use, especially for riders with a shorter arm reach.

Bugle Handlebar Horn
Here is the Greatest Bicycle Accessory in Human History, the timeless, the classic, the incomparable
Bugle Handlebar Horn! All hyperbole aside; every bike needs some sort of noise maker, and the humble squeeze-bulb bugle horn has been a perennial favorite of cyclists for well over a century. We offer these horns in your choice of three colors; glossy black, traditional polished metallic silver, and a deep pink. No handlebar on any bicycle, anywhere on the globe should be seen without a handlebar festooned with its proper bugle horn. Bar none.

Looking Backwards
Growing up on the Virginia Beach oceanfront back in the 1960s, we local kids would usually ride our wheelie bikes to school and back whenever the weather permitted it. Throughout our elementary years and on to junior high school (that's what middle schools were called back then), the schools' bike parking racks were filled with some of the most colorful models ever produced by the US bicycle industry. By the time that we were in our high school and college years, the wheelies of our childhood became replaced by the road bikes and beach cruisers that are essentially the same as those still in fashion with cyclists today. Technology has given us lighter alloys and ancillary items like handlebar mounted Smartphone holders, but a new road bike or beach cruiser isn't much different that a road bike or beach cruiser from a generation ago.

Those beautiful wheelies sort of faded for a while but they are currently popping up again. Whether they are restored relics from the psychedelic era or on BMX frames that have been customized and retrofit with wheelie style parts, it's good to see another generation rediscovering the most aesthetic and utterly cool looking American bicycle design in history.

As Monster Scooter Parts grows, so does our inventory of some of the best bike parts and accessories available. If you need a small item like a horn, a electric conversion kit, or the necessary bits to recreate the wheelie, Monster Scooter Part is still your best source for bike parts and accessories.


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