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Razor Scooter Battery Packs and a Cultural Icon

One of Monster Scooter Parts' most requested product categories are the many Razor scooter battery packs that we have available for every Razor electric scooter, dirt bike, and go-kart. We sell a lot of these batteries; it's what we do. Our little 7 Ah & 9 Ah Razor Pocket Mod battery packs have been some of our very best sellers for quite some time, an indication of the model's popularity with the tens of thousands of preteen girls experiencing the joy of cruising along on their very first powered vehicle. It will be another ten years or so before they have to grow up, get a job, and start buying their own gasoline, so let them enjoy it while the good times last.

Our Razor Scooter Battery Packs
The Razor brand name and electric scooter is almost synonymous. Over the last few years Razor has offered a wide range of electric powered scooters and other types of recreational battery operated fun-machines like their dirt bikes, go-karts, and others. Unlike some more seasonal items, our Razor 24 volt battery packs fly off of our warehouse shelves all year around; and the same story with the Razor 36 volt battery packs used on the Razor MX500 and MX650 Dirt Rocket electric dirt bikes.

We usually offer a couple of options for these Razor 24 volt battery packs. Most of the electric scooter models that use a 7 Ah system will greatly benefit by having 9 Ah batteries substituted. The 9 Ah versions don't use up any more space than their 7 Ah siblings, but can generate as much as a 28 percent longer running time before needing a recharge. This "runtime" is the electric equivalent of an internal combustion engine's gas tank; the longer the runtime, or larger the tank, the longer the distance between recharge or fill-up.

We also give our customers the option of ordering their 36 volt and 24 volt battery packs with or without the wire harness and connector. By the time a battery pack has been run down and recharged so many times that it needs replaced, the wiring is usually just as run down, corroded, or otherwise in equal need of replacement. We make the process easy by sending along the wiring harness with the batteries. Of course you can order the "No Harness" option, but you will need to re-use your existing wires and connectors. You will end up reconnecting your old wiring to the batteries by either soldering or using tab (aka "spade") connectors. Of course for the best results, we recommend that you buy the complete battery pack with the harness. Just let us know which of these options you want when you place your battery order and we will get you what you need.

The Iconic Razor Pocket Mod
Any discussion of Razor electric scooters brings you back to the iconic little Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter. This innovative Razor scooter design has been one of the most successful electric toys to ever scoot along the sidewalk. Taking its inspiration from the classic Euro-scooters of days past, the Razor Pocket Mod has introduced a generation of kids to scooter culture through their love for their little Pocket Mod scooters; many of them will grow into real street-legal motor scooter riders as they reached adulthood. Part of the current acceptance of gas powered scooters as an alternate mode of transport for today's stylish urban commuters just may have part of its origin in the Razor Pocket Mod many of these young adults has just a few years before.

The Razor Pocket Mod scooters have been produced in a variety of names and colors including the Bistro (in Mint), the Bella (Pink), the Betty (Purple), the Daisy (a Magenta version sold through Toys"R"Us), the Hannah Montana (Purple with stickers), the Kiki (Purple), the Sweet Pea (Pink), and the Vapor (Black). There is even a Hello Kitty version. A slightly larger model, the Razor iMod was designed primarily for adolescents and includes the must-haves every 14-year old girl needs; speakers and an MP3 player dock. After seeing the Pocket Mods's popularity with young girls, Razor produced the Sport Mod, a heavily modified design style aimed more for the boys who liked their sister's Pocket Mod, but wouldn't be caught dead riding a pink anything, especially if that cute little pink anything was tagged with the "Sweet Pea" name. Razor hasn't made me privy to their sales numbers, but I would not be surprised to find out that the Sport Mod wasn't their very best selling scooter. Boys being boys; the Razor marketing team should have known that models like the Dirt Rocket and Dirt Quad might just be better marketed to the gender having a natural affinity towards playing in the dirt.

For all of these different names and colors, these various Pocket Mod models are functionally identical. With a few exceptions such as their wheel assemblies and controllers for example, all of these Pocket Mod scooters use the same internal operating parts. Unlike many other Razor brand electric ride-ons, the Pocket Mod scooters of different production version (from Version 1 up to and past Version 17) use the same Razor Pocket Mod battery and harness. You won't have to dig to deep to find just the right battery or other replacement item for a Pocket Mod, whether a Bistro or a Betty.

The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter, in all of its colorful varieties, remains a favorite. Monster Scooter Parts offers all of the replacement Razor Pocket Mod parts and other Razor scooter parts to keep these wonderful little icons of modern childhood running at their very best, and zipping along the sidewalks every Saturday morning.


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