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Electric Scooters - a quick overview

Electric Scooters - a quick overview
by Andre Easter

Recreational scooters have come a long way since the 'home-made skateboard on a stick' days. Today's electric scooter parts company with its simple kick-scooter beginnings by virtue of its technological sophistication and overall quality. Gaining in popularity by the day, these little electric vehicles are no longer just kids' toys; manufacturers have recently tapped into the urban commuter market with more heavy-duty models designed for adults. In the interest of brevity, electric mobility scooters for the disabled, as well as high-watt electric street-legal motor scooters fall outside of the scope of this brief overview, although many of the same scooter parts are common to the other categories as well. Parts for scooter models are often specific to a single brand or series; however a tire, inner-tube, or scooter battery may be interchangeable across a wide range of makes. Needless to say, a scooter charger to maintain the battery output is likewise usable on a multiplicity of items.

Stand up scooters:
The traditional stand up scooter is simply a motorized development of the traditional kick scooter. Made by a number of manufacturers, and sold under a host of brand names, these are perhaps the simplest and most basic of all motorized vehicles, even while incorporating refinements such as caliper brakes and pneumatic tires. These quiet and eco-friendly little personal vehicles come in a variety of sizes; from relatively low-watt versions of the stand-up kids' scooters, to superb high watt models expressly made for the adults. Economical to operate, non-polluting and pure joy on two small wheels, the popular electric scooter can be either a great way to have fun on the suburban blacktop, or a viable transportation alternative whose time has finally come.

Sit down scooters:
The addition of a seat to the electric stand up scooter allows for both a safer, less fatiguing ride, as well as greatly increased wattage, power and speed. From the smaller children's models to full 1000 watt beauties made for grown up kids, these are distinguished by beefier motors, disc brakes, and advanced electronics. Naturally, the bigger the motor, the bigger the scooter battery. With modern AGM batteries and the right scooter charger, these quiet machines are often capable of a top speed of 15 mph depending upon the weight of the rider.

Ride-on toys:
There are two kinds of recreational scooterists; kids, and those grown ups who haven't forgotten the joys of childhood. Ride-on toys are miniature electric versions of adult recreational vehicles, and may be found in a veritable smorgasbord of models and styles, from miniature go-karts, to ATV quads, dirt bikes, and more.

The Razor Pocket Mod miniature electric scooter stands out as one of the most thoughtfully aesthetic offerings in the entire realm of mini-scooters and ride-on toys. These little electric scooters are based on the vintage Lambretta scooters of the 1950s and '60s. Praised in Newsweek, TIME and Teen Vogue, the Razor Pocket Mod is a blend of classic Italian design flair coupled with modern, eco-friendly electric power.

Electric bicycles:
Closely associated with recreational scooters, electric bikes are found all over the world as the daily transportation of choice for many people. With today's growing eco-consciousness, electric bicycles are finding new favor with both the recreational user and the urban commuter who wishes to say goodbye to the pollution belching demands of the internal combustion engine. Available in both ultra-modern designs, as well as more traditional 'cruiser' styles, these high performance electric bikes are often available with the efficient and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery system.

An attribute common to all recreational electric scooters, is that they are all designed to be fun. Whether intended for older children or strictly as adults-only machines, an electric scooter is all about the ecstasy of movement. Unfortunately many big-box and online retailers do not offer much in the way of customer support after the sale. Parts for scooter repairs are seldom available from the scooter dealers themselves, and must be purchased through an aftermarket scooter parts company. There are currently several reputable mail-order and online scooter parts dealers to fill this necessary and growing niche market

If you have more questions about electric scooters or scooter parts in general, visit the electric scooter parts experts at Monster Scooter Parts for more information.

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Tim Little said...

Razor pocket mod scooter great for girls 10-14 and depends on laws and regulations in your neighborhood.

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